How Can Hypnotherapy Can Help Infertility?

When we decide to have a family we all tend to assume that if we stop our birth control, we will get pregnant. Although this is true for many people, for a few it can be the start of a struggle. Some of these people will go to their GP and after a number of tests, find and sort out the problem and go on to have their baby. Others will find that they will need to look at other options. However, every year there are couples for whom there appears to be nothing physically wrong, yet despite the reassurances of their GP and other health professionals they still don’t achieve the pregnancy they’re hoping for.

If you are one of these couples, then hypnotherapy might be able to help. When we are anxious or stressed, our brain shuts down all non-essential functions in the body. This is because our brain believes that we are in a life threatening situation. Getting pregnant is obviously not in our best interests if we are truly in a life threatening situation. So the brain floods our body with stress hormones which are not conducive to allowing conception to occur.

Hypnotherapy helps us to relax and encourages the release Serotonin. This Serotonin helps us to feel more positive and able to cope better with life. The body can then allow conception to take place. During an initial consultation with a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist you will be given an explanation of how the brain works. This can give you more detail about what role the brain plays when preventing conception from taking place and more importantly, how you can get the control back. In the subsequent sessions, Psychotherapy techniques will be used to help you to focus on the positives in your life and your preferred future. The trance session will then help you to relax deeply while focusing on this preferred future. Maintaining this state of relaxation throughout your pregnancy is supported by the free CD given at the initial consultation.

If you think that hypnotherapy could help you to get pregnant or to carry a child to term, then book an appointment by clicking here or call me on 07748 511841 and I’ll be happy to help.