Hypnotherapy and Anxiety/Stress

anxiety/stressEveryone has feelings of anxiety or stress at some point in their life. In response to a stressful situation, this can be entirely normal. e.g. Sitting an exam or attending a job interview. However, when people feel anxious or stressed most of the time, then their worries can spiral out of control. Once this happens it can affect their daily life. Anxiety is the main symptom of phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), generalised anxiety, social anxiety disorder, Trichotillomania (literally the pulling out of hair) and panic disorder.

When primitive man found himself in a life threatening situation the brain would be stimulated to produce a fight, flight or freeze response. It would shut down all non-essential functions in the body and redirect energy to the areas of the body needed to run away or stand and fight. Today we rarely find ourselves in life threatening situations but the brain continues to react in the way it is programmed to do. If we experience anything that is out of our comfort zone then the brain will respond as though we are in danger. Fight, flight or freeze is the body’s way of dealing with that danger.

Studies into anxiety and hypnotherapy

According to Cancer Research UK, a clinical trial of hypnotherapy in America in 2008 showed that women with breast cancer had less anxiety, depression, interference with daily activities, and better sleep. Another earlier American study in 2006 found that hypnotherapy helped to lower anxiety and pain during a biopsy for suspected breast cancer.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help people with anxiety or depression to relax by reducing anxiety levels quickly. If you suffer from an anxiety-related disorder or are struggling to deal with stress and live in the Northwich or Stafford areas then give Jenny a call today on 07748 511841.

During the initial consultation, Jenny will explain what is happening in the brain when we suffer from anxiety related disorders. If you wish to book an initial consultation at a time to suit you and receive answers to any questions you may have, click on the link above. Not sure? Check out the testimonials from Jenny's previous clients on the testimonials page.

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