Depression And Hypnotherapy

We all feel a bit low or down every now and again. Depression, however, is when someone feels persistently sad for weeks or months and it can be impossible to “snap out of it”. The feeling of hopelessness can be overwhelming, and people can lose interest in life and the things they used to enjoy. Teenagers and children, however, are more likely to show signs of irritation and frustration when depressed.  If any of these descriptions sound like you, or someone you know, the good news is that the right type of treatment can help. Even if medication* proves less than successful, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can offer an alternative or complementary approach, to help you get back to being the ‘real you’. Hypnotherapy starts by aiming to help you to restart your sleep pattern. An improved sleep pattern will help you to feel refreshed and fully rested each morning. The Solution Focused approach I use is based on the principle that we all have the resources we need within us. By working together and taking things one step at a time, a full recovery is often possible.

Understanding why we suffer in the way that we do can be helpful in giving us the confidence we need to get back on our feet again. I cover this in the initial consultation, often helping people to get back to feeling more like their real selves quickly. If you would like an online appointment or live in the Stafford area & would like a face to face appointment, click here or give Jenny a call today on 07748 511841. An initial consultation could help you to see if I am the right person to help you. Not convinced? Take a look at the testimonials I have received from previous clients.

*Any changes to your medication should be carried out only in consultation with your GP and/or mental health team.