These testimonials have been supplied by genuine clients of their own volition and are their own opinions. Identifying features such as surnames have been removed to protect client confidentiality, except where express permission has been given to use them. All testimonials are verifiable.

E.B’s Baby

Hi Jenny, I hope you are well! Just to let you know that [baby] made an earlier than expected appearance on Tuesday morning this week:) we’re so in love and absolutely overjoyed with our new little family!  The hypnobirthing was the most amazing help!! Oh my goodness!… I stayed in control throughout the whole things using the techniques from the sessions…..I’m so proud of what me and my body have done and it’s the best feeling in the world being a mummy! Thank you again for everything, you’re truly a miracle worker -firstly helping me overcome trichotillomania and then helping me bring our gorgeous daughter into the world. 💖

E.B of Stafford clinic, Hypnobirthing Client-August 2023

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Paul H (October 2021)
Rachel L (July 2021)
Kathryn W (May 2021)
Helen W (May 2021)

Initially saw in person, then online,  suffering from Stress -June 2020

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Initially saw in person, then online,  suffering from Stress -April 2020

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Dear Jenny, this isn’t farewell, but I just wanted to thank you for the amazing influence you have had on me. I’m getting out for a walk each day and can just enjoy being out without worrying. I’ve been able to sleep so much better, really from the beginning. I will see you again, I’ll see how I go over the next few months and be in touch. It has been an enjoyable experience coming to visit you, always informative and interesting. Thank you for your advice and friendship, I really value it. Helen

Helen of Northwich,  Client suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome -March 2020

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I feel I am in a much better place mentally, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for helping me over the past few months

Paul of Northwich,  Client suffering from anger issues and alcohol dependancy -January 2020

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I am beyond happy to tell you that I have not smoked since our session on 5th September. I can’t actually believe it! I had a few cravings but I got through them and it’s now almost as if I have set up a “rule” in my mind that I must not smoke – and it’s worked. I don’t miss smoking (to be honest I don’t even really think about it at all now), and I can’t stand the smell of it either now. Thank you so much for your help with this, I never thought I’d actually be a non-smoker!

Andrea of Stafford,  Stop smoking client Received November 2019

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To Jenny, Thank you for helping me to sort out my head, as the song says……”I can see clearly now the rain has gone”! With kind regards Sarah

Sarah of Northwich,  Client suffering from anxiety -Message received in a card January 2019

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Dear Jenny, finally…..I remembered to send you this testimonial of thanks. I had a stop smoking session with you on 13/08/18 and its now [over] 4 months since my last cigarette. I have still been tempted a few times-mainly when tired or mad at something, but I’ve held off and got over it each time. If you recall I’ve been smoking for 45 years, and tried to give up a couple of times unsuccessfully. I had been diagnosed with COPD earlier this year so my family are delighted I’ve stopped smoking as they were very scared for me -indeed it was them who reminded me to send this to you, as they still can’t believe I’ve still stayed stopped particularly over Xmas etc. Thanks again K

Karen of Northwich, Stop smoking Client –  Received 29th December 2018

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The sessions you ran for me; I wanted to let you know its made a big difference. Over the last year I’ve achieved really significant reductions in booze consumption. But what I really wanted to tell you is that, touch wood, I think I’ve changed culturally the how and when of it all. So in certain key situations where I would have had a drink; I just don’t at all.Lately I’ve realised the difference is down by about 60-70%. Thats Pretty damn good!!!!!

Dave of Stafford, Alcohol reduction Client November 2018

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Hi Jenny, Please may I cancel my appointment with you next Monday? I think I may take a little time now to reassess what I want to do, as I am feeling so compeletly different & uplifted now to where I was a few months ago. I am so grateful for your skills and support, which played such a huge part in turning my life around. I will be in touch & hope to meet with you again in the future. I have highly recommended you to many friends. You are a beautiful person inside & out & I am eternally grateful that you were brought into my life. Take care, Big hugs….Trina xx

Trina of Stafford, Client with low mood & low levels of confidence & self-esteem. November 2017

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Hi Jenny, I made the flights to and from Moscow without a problem. Thanks Adam

Adam of Stafford, Client with flying phobia. October 2017

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Hi Jenny just landed in Cuba…thank you so much!! I enjoyed the flight…even the very very bumpy landing!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Sam of Stafford, Client with flying phobia. October 2017

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Hi Jenny, thank you for fitting me in for my flying phobia. The flight there was great and coming home was v. bumpy but managed to handle it ok. Thanks Jules x

Jules of Stafford, Client with flying phobia. September 2017

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…Also can I just thank you again, I did exactly what I’d hoped in London (had a little more than 2 glasses but didn’t give in to pressure from my friend) and [my partner] and I had a great time and I feel even stronger all round since! Had the best weekend with [my partner] and [son] this weekend………….still a 10….sometimes even more!! Thanks I’m still amazed how brilliantly effective your sessions are!! Thanks you so much! x

Jane of Stafford, Client with anxiety and alcohol issues. August 2017

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Hi Jenny, just letting you know that I went to the top of the [Blackpool] tower today and it felt brilliant. Thank you so much! Chris

Chris of Northwich, Client with Fear of heights – May 2017

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Dear Jenny, A heartfelt thank you for your support, guidance and encouragement over the past year. It made ALL the difference. Thank you for helping me to find ‘me’ again in the middle of all the stress and chaos. Very sincerely, Rachel

Rachel of Stafford, Client with depression – February 2017

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It was the most fantastic trip!! Thank you so much for all your support, I would never have been able to even contemplate going without your help and guidance. Now I know this will be the first of many lovely trips to come. You have helped me so much. Your methods have shown me how to recognise all the wonderful things in my life and move forward with confidence and self assurance to achieve everything I had hoped for. I am eternally grateful to you for dramatically improving my quality of life.

Caroline of Northwich, Anxiety client – January 2017

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Hi Jenny,
you said to let you know my results and I got a B, C, C overall, thank you ever so much for what you did for me. xx

Nicole(A level student) of Stafford. Exam nerves client – August 2016

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Hi Jenny,
[Kirsten’s Mum here]. I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you have done with Kirsten. The difference you have made to her is remarkable. I now have my daughter back and she is thriving. I was losing hope and you have given it back to me. I wish I would have found you sooner but then again Kirsten had to want to change so I guess it was the right time. I hope you enjoy the Summer and your work continues to grow. I have told many people how amazing you are. You have been for our family. (Kirsten thinks you are awesome by the way.) Thank you.

Kirsten(teenager)of Northwich, Bulimia client – July 2016

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Hi Jenny,
got in my dress for the wedding after losing 2st 3lbs thanks to you and I played yr tape night before which helped greatly cope with [that difficult person]! Will see you soon for a top up if you dontt mind. Thank you so much again you are amazing – am so glad you decided to change career – you’ve changed my life and no doubt many others. Joanne xxx
Joanne of Northwich, Weight loss client – July 2016Please note results may vary.

Hi Jenny,
Just to let you know that I have just celebrated one whole year as a non smoker :).
Thanks Louise.

Louise of Stafford, Stop Smoking Session – May 2015

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I would recommend Jenny and her techniques. This is more than just hypnotherapy. Jenny builds confidence and positivity while reducing stress. This is science not voodoo, everything is explained and qualified in detail. I can only speak from my own experience but I find the sessions very beneficial and feel more confident and positive about life. I would certainly recommend Jenny over any councillor or anti depressant medication.

Colin of Northwich, Erectile Dysfunction, November 2015

Thank you so much for helping with a fear of flying. I was nearing the point of never setting foot on a plane again however after having hypnotherapy and learning to see and think positive I actually enjoyed the flights for my recent holiday and would be perfectly happy getting on a plane tomorrow.
Thank you.

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I cant thank Jenny enough she has changed the way I feel about food, no more snacking or overeating and 1st 10lb weight loss in a just few months.. Thank you Jenny. Christine

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Following years of insomnia and testing various remedies (to no avail), I gave hypnotherapy a try. Being a sceptic, I admit I had low expectations and was amazed that after only a few sessions with Jenny my sleeping patterns greatly improved. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to help tackle any bad habits or conditions you have!.

Emma of Northwich, who had just 3 hypnotherapy sessions ending March 2015.

I would just like to say, thank you very much for all your help. I feel in a much better place at the moment. I continue to make small steps forward by remembering your wise words and using the cd. I would not be in the position I am now if I hadn’t of sought your help. My greatest thanks for your brilliant work. I shall be sure to return if I feel I need more help, as I wouldn’t want to undo the progress that has been made!
Best wishes, Sarah.

Sarah of Stafford, Binge eating issues – March 2015

Hi Jenny,
I was tearful daily, felt hopeless when I woke up every morning and I had stopped eating because of depression and anxiety. After 5 or 6 sessions I now smile every day and life is going really well. I have managed to turn a lot of things around with a positive attitude and I now focus on what I want to achieve and feel excitement for the future. I have managed to negotiate better working hours, my relationship has never been better and I even started my own creative business on the side that I’m really enjoying. Being shown how to train myself to focus on the good in life instead of dwell on past hurt and worry about possible negative future outcomes has completely changed my life. I feel like myself again and you can quote me on that! =) Nicole

Nicole of Northwich – March 2015

Hi Jenny thanks so much for everything. I really appreciate your help to enable me to start living life again and enjoying the moments. You are amazing at your therapy and I am sure that you will have a wonderful impact on many people’s lives. Thank you for helping me to recognise and enjoy so many positive aspects to life. Many thanks for being there for me in some challenging times feeling happy and free and living each day for all it’s worth and as it comes. Thanks Kelly xx

Kelly of Northwich who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks

I’m a much calmer person now, I don’t take on other people problems. My neck and shoulders no longer hurt. I plan more and deal with issues promptly. Having you in my life has made a massive difference to me, before I met you I was drowning in negativity. I’m much more positive about life. You were absolutely brilliant with me. You have brought calm to my life.

Helen of Blackpool who suffered from anxiety and IBS

You have honestly changed my life and I’m truly thankful. It (hypnotherapy) calmed me down and helped me to totally relax.

Laura of Lytham who suffered from anxiety, Trichotillomania and IBS

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You really have made me change my outlook on things – 5 positives a week!

Sam of Northwich who suffered from anxiety

Listening to the CD on an evening helped to clear my mind.

Simon of Lytham who suffered from anxiety

It (hypnotherapy) is teaching me to relax behind the wheel and gain confidence at high speed. I no longer have such fear when driving a bit faster.

Domenic of Blackpool who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks experienced while driving

Thank you for helping me come such a long way.

Kelly of Northwich who suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and confidence issues