About Jenny

My name is Jenny Mellenchip AHD, HPD, DSFH, SFH Sup (Hyp), MNCH (Acc), MAfSFH, NLP practitioner and licensed trainer of NLP.  As a qualified hypnotherapy supervisor I help other hypnotherapists to be the best they can be. I am also the principal lecturer for  CPHT Leeds Hypnotherapy Training School . With this level of experience you can be sure that you’re in the best possible hands, whatever your situation. Since 2020 I have won numerous independent awards for what I do.  These include the Midlands Enterprise Award for Clinical Hypnotherapist of the year for Stafford, Global Health & Pharma (GHP) award for Best solution focused hypnotherapist (West Midlands) in the mental health category. GHP also awarded me the Excellence award for hypnotherapy services for IBS 2022. I won Holistic Therapist of the year 2023 from Prestige awards for 2022 & 2023. Three best rated UK awarded me a place in the top three best hypnotherapists in Stafford for the last 5 years, including 2024. (See logos of awards below or click on links to read more).

My priority is helping my clients, students & supervisees to achieve their goals. During the week,  I offer hypnotherapy online and from my Stafford clinic. I am passionate about helping others to fulfil their potential. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines Hypnotherapy  with Psychotherapy. The elements of which include Solution Focused Brief Therapy,  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Together these approaches are able to bring about fast, long term results in a way that Hypnotherapy alone can’t often achieve.

Jenny’s Background

I have over 25 years’ experience within a professional business environment. My role involved managing, coaching, motivating and training people to be the best they can be. In 2003 I qualified as an NLP practitioner. Soon afterwards I   become a Licensed Training Specialist of NLP.  However,  NLP alone was unable to  help people to achieve all they wanted to. This is why I decided to train as a hypnotherapist. The combination of these skills allows me to help people with all types of anxiety related issues.

As a single Mother living in Stafford, I brought up 4 beautiful children. They have blessed me with 14 gorgeous, healthy Grandchildren. I understand how stress and anxiety can cause havoc in an otherwise normal life. I personally suffered from post-natal depression with one of my children, so I have some understanding of the issues suffered by some of my clients. I also spent a few years as a listener with the Samaritans. This experience only emphasised my desire to help anyone suffering from depression or anxiety disorders.

Why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

I am a very logical and positive person.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) fitted my outlook most closely. This therapy takes note of the latest research and neuroscience. SF Hypnotherapists are able to use a cutting edge approach to achieve fast long-term results. The Solution Focused method helps people to change their outlook on life. It also helps people to absorb new and effective ways of thinking to achieve their goals.

Jenny's Clinic Room, Stafford Clinic, Therapy Room, Face to Face Clients
Jenny’s Clinic room in Stafford

As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, I will not waste time delving into your past. Nor will I carry out any regression hypnotherapy. What I will do is help you to determine your goals and achieve them. I will work with you in a positive and non-judgmental way. You are the expert on your own life, so I  will not advise you on what to do. My aim is to enable you to find your own solutions. If this approach sounds like the right one for you and you would like to book an appointment then give Jenny a call on 07748 511841 now or click here. You can choose between a face to face session at my Stafford clinic or an online one.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your goals!

Jenny 😊

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Hypnotherapy award for IBS 2022
Hypnotherapy award for IBS 2022