We all allow fear to hold us back from time to time. However, a phobia is when a fear becomes irrational and stops you from doing the things you love. Phobias can be triggered by actual or imagined events, items or activities. These can cause the fight or flight response to kick in. Unfortunately, the more times we experience a phobic response, the stronger it gets. The stronger the phobic response gets, the more likely we are to experience it happening again. The good news is that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can often help most simple phobias within just 3-4 sessions. So if a phobia is ruining your life and you want to avoid it happening in future, you can either click here to book an initial consultation or call  me to to find out more. If you’re planning a holiday and have a fear of flying, book your initial consultation 3-4 weeks before you’re due to fly for best results.

Simple phobias can include one of the following: Fear of heights; spiders; needles; public speaking; dentists or flying. However, there are over 300 named phobias, so f you have a phobia that isn’t listed then give me a call. It doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to help.

More complex phobias such as agoraphobia, emetophobia or claustrophobia may be helped with using hypnotherapy. During the initial consultation we will explore the best treatment option for you. If you live in the Stafford area or you’d like an online session, why not book an initial consultation? Alternatively, give me a call  on 07748 511841. Not convinced? Take a look at the testimonials from many of my previous clients.