My Charges

Initial Consultation,
Approximately 50 Minutes Duration

£40 (46% Discount Off
The Price Of A Normal Session)

It is important that you find the right practitioner for your needs and the initial consultation allows you to do just that.  A health history will be taken to allow us to create a personalised treatment plan that is individual to your needs.  I will carry out some psychotherapy  by explaining how the brain works in simple terms. This often helps people to see how they can get back control of their life again. You will also receive a free MP3 worth up to £10 on the day. This is  your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the type of hypnotherapy I practice. I will clearly explain the process I use and what to expect from your consultations with me.

Hypnotherapy Session,
Approximately 50 Minutes Duration


During these sessions, which will be personalised to your needs, we will use a blend of psychotherapy techniques to enhance the trance session. These techniques aim to bring about fast, long lasting, beneficial changes in your life. The number of  sessions required will vary depending upon your needs.

Stop Smoking Session,
Up To 2 Hours Duration


The stop smoking session is just one intensive double session. Charges include preparation, psychotherapy, mp3, (worth up to £10) and hypnotherapy. In total the session can be expected to last up to 120 minutes.

*Prices will remain the same for as long as the therapeutic relationship continues.

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of wellbeing this year with a Hypnotherapy gift voucher.  Gift vouchers can be used for the initial consultation or Hypnotherapy sessions for any of the conditions listed on this website. However, if you would like to give someone a wonderful 40 minute relaxation session then gift vouchers can be used for this too.  Gift vouchers must be used within 12 months of purchase.

How Many Hypnotherapy Sessions Will I Need?

Everyone is unique and the number of sessions will often depend on the symptoms that a client presents with. You are always in control, if you are confident that you have had sufficient hypnotherapy sessions and are happy to go it alone, then I will encourage you to do so. If it later turns out that one or two more sessions are required then I will be happy to help. As a guide, specific phobias are generally covered in just 3 -4 hypnotherapy sessions, whilst complex phobias, depression, anxiety or IBS are usually more. The stop smoking session is one session & is usually up to 2 hours duration.

Sessions are best started on a weekly basis, quickly becoming further and further apart as the client becomes more confident.

How To Pay

I take payment by cash, BACS, debit or credit card.

Payment becomes due upon booking the initial consultation and is non-refundable unless cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice, when it can be deducted from your next session. A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure a stop smoking appointment, the balance of which becomes at due at the start of the session. Appointments can be rescheduled without any loss of monies paid. Payment for the hypnotherapy sessions becomes due at the end of each session.

It may be possible for weight loss clients to block purchase sessions of 6 or more in advance for a discounted price. Please ask for more details during the initial consultation.