Hypnotherapy For Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be very effective at helping with the side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy. Finding out that you have cancer can be very distressing. No sooner have you been given the diagnosis, then you have to deal with treatment. Lots of visits to the hospital and many tests often follow. After learning that they have cancer, some people choose hypnosis to help them to cope better. In the main, those that do most commonly use it to help cope with pain & nausea. There is some evidence to support hypnosis in the treatment of these side effects. A couple of the studies are listed here.

A study in 2007 in the United States saw hypnotherapy given to a group of women before they had breast surgery.  The women gave lower scores for sickness, pain, upset and tiredness compared to the control group.

Researchers reviewed several studies in 2012 relating to children with cancer. They found that hypnosis appeared to reduce pain & upset from medical procedures or the condition itself.

However, hypnotherapy can also help with depression, anxiety & insomnia. These symptoms are often made worse by a cancer diagnosis.  A review carried out by Linda Carlson in 2018 found that anxiety & distress could be reduced in both adults and children by the use of hypnosis. The article published in Current Oncolgy Reports was entitled, ‘the role of hypnosis in cancer care’.

Hypnotherapy, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy
Hypnotherapy can be effective for helping with Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy Side Effects

Can Hypnotherapy help with over-active bladder?

Radiotherapy is often a very effective treatment for cancer. Yet if it is carried out on the pelvic area, it is important that the patient has a full bladder. This helps to protect the lower intestine from long term damage. People who suffer with bladder problems can find it difficult to maintain a full bladder. Often referred to as a nervous or overactive bladder, people feel that they need the toilet long before their bladder is full. This can cause huge delays within the radiotherapy department for them & other patients. What feels like an over-filled bladder can also cause much distress for the patient. They will often struggle to stay still during the radiotherapy. The need to stay still is also essential during radiotherapy treatment.

The University of New Mexico school of medicine found that hypnotherapy was as effective as pharmaceutical medication in reducing the symptoms of an over-active bladder.  This comprehensive 3-year study confirmed that there were no side effects from using hypnosis compared to the traditional medicine.

If you’ve recently received a cancer diagnosis, then you have my sympathy. I know from experience it can be a scary time. However, you needn’t suffer alone with the side effects of treatment. Hypnotherapy can help you to cope better with chemotherapy & radiotherapy. If you’d like to know more then call me, Jenny Mellenchip on 07748 511841. Alternatively  Click here if you’d like to book in for an initial consultation.